The office of the future embodied in the 3d print of a building in Dubai

Building in Dubai


The first prototype of 3d printing of buildings appeared 60 years ago. Monsanto, the home of the future, long served as entertainment in the children’s park and now was taken as the basis for innovative design. A year ago, designers performed a visualization of the project for Dubai. Now the first house in the world was printed in a 3D way, built and received a fully functional building.

Crown Prince Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan attended the opening The demonstrated model is an example of future technologies in the lives of people.

The building uses the methods of WinSun from China, in which the floor, walls and ceiling are first printed in two layers, then arranged vertically. Such a smart system is still limited to 1-story buildings. WinSun also creates multi-storey structures, but in a different way.

The printer itself was originally going to build in Dubai, but as a result left at the factory in China. The finished office modules were cut in half and then assembled in the Emirates.

According to Architect, Gensler has developed a campus as a 241 m2 headquarters for the Dubai Future Foundation. In honor of the opening, a statement was received from Gensler CEO Richard Hammond:

“The innovative project allowed us to look into the future, and 3D printing might solve the accumulated problems of ecology and urbanization. At the same time, customers will very quickly be able to receive complex buildings. ”

Engineering companies Thornton Tomasetti and engineering Syska Hennessy took part in creating the 3D house of the future.

According to the press release, the 3D printer used to print the building has a height of 6.1 meters, a length of 36.6 meters and a width of 12.2 meters. An automated robot arm was used in the operation of this printing device, and workers needed 2 times less than for the construction of the same building in the traditional way.

One employee managed the printer, 7 builders were engaged in installation and ten more specialists connected the house to communications.


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